This service is for those who want a complete overhaul in a room or their home! Complete services considers all aspects of your room(s) including  lifestyle, space usage, space planning, colour and style preferences,  furnishings, fabrics and wall surface selections, flooring, lighting and   accessories.                    

                                                                                                                                                                                  An overview of this service are as follows:                                                                                          Initial in-home consultation                                                                                                                      Kitchen and bathroom designs     ​​​

Conceptual drawings                                                                                                                                     Sourcing of finishes and décor                                                                                                                 Ordering, delivery, implementation of selected finishes                                                           Furniture selection - if you are purchasing from Reid's Furniture this                                service is free!  Ask me for more details.



​What do your photos say about your property for sale? Do you have the time or resources to update your home to make it more desirable for potential buyers? Buyers are viewing numerous homes and deciding which ones to visit and you want yours to stand out. I can transform your home by virtual staging and for only a fraction of the cost of professional staging services. With a few pictures and measurements of your home I can re-create a room with new furnishings and finishings using computer generating drawings. Before and possible after pictures will be presented for you to use during open houses and on real estate websites! Let me help you capture the imagination of a buyer.

​​And buyers, maybe you are looking at purchasing a fixer upper. Why not purchase a little below your maximum budget and use the rest for a renovation. I can provide you with conceptual drawings of what your space can look like! And I come with a contractor to complete the work and make it the home of your dreams!


Space planning is one of the most important aspects of interior design. It can have a strong impact on your overall success in a room. Improper planning can leave you with an awkward non-functional space. All a room’s functions need to be taken into consideration to ensure you and your family are comfortable and using the area to the maximum.

Space Planning consists of a 1-2 hour in-home consultation, measurements and a review of existing and possible new furnishings. Once the consultation is complete, a second meeting with a computer generated floor plan with a list of suggestions will be presented at this time.


Choosing the right paint colours can enhance details of a room. Colour can set can set a mood, define space and speak from your personal character. A space can become lighter, darker, and more dramatic with a simple coat of paint!

In home colour consultations take 1 – 3 hours. These in house consultations allow me to understand your personal decor tastes and colour preferences. It also allows me to analyze the lighting and furnishings that will be used in the room. A comprehensive look at the interior will help me pick out the best colours for you!