Bling Interior Decorating Services

​(Previously Bling and Bang)

Patricia Poohachoff, Interior Decorator, IDDP, Owner​


My family spent 15 years in Edmonton, Alberta where I pursued 

a career in Project Management and Media Relations for non- profit

organizations and my husband, Jamie in Construction Engineering

where most of his career was spent in residential/commercial

construction building large condominiums.  After years of visiting the

fabulous show suites in the various  condominium projects Jamie had worked

on, I decided to change my career and pursue an education in the

Residential Interiors Program at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension.

Although we found great success in our careers and life in Edmonton, there honestly is no place like home. We had the opportunity to purchase the family home and acreage in O'Connor and decided it was to be closer to our friends and family and returned December 2011.

Jamie and I started this company as a joint interior decorating and renovation business (Bling and Bang).  However, in the last couple of years this company has shifted and expanded!   Today Jamie is now co-owner of PROBuild Construction and Renovations which will allow him to offer greater services and work  on larger projects.   DON'T WORRY - Jamie and I will still work together and take on renovation projects together - this is just a positive expansion.

I have had the privilege of  designing  luxurious bathrooms, open concept kitchens, providing space planning and colour consultations for some fabulous clients!   I have formed great partnerships and work closely with local suppliers and trades to ensure our clients receive excellent service and our projects run smoothly.   I am alo the Interior Decorator at Reid's Furniture and can help you find the perfect furnishings for your home.

Why choose me? I have the education and years of hands on experience with decorating and renovations and take care of my customers. Although skills and style are essential in this field, of equal importance are communication skills. This process of making a house the home of your dreams is about YOU!  I am a great listener, customer driven and a detailed project manager. I want you to be happy and comfortable with your choices and with our direction.  

I look forward to working with you and your family on making your home shine with your personal style an ultimate function.


Patricia Poohachoff